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Our Online Catalogue Special Offers

Posted on October 6, 2016 in Special Offer

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Ripmax – Vladyka Sea Star Cruiser EP

Classic Mediterranian style cruiser. Provides impressive performance with a twin motor drive system. Nice kit complete with the necessary hardware to complete the model; but without motors, so you can choose your own power system. Also included is an impressive decal sheet.

Length: 890mm
Beam: 250mm
Recommended motors: 2 x Speed 600

Ripmax Vladyka Sea Star Cruiser

Midwest – Cranberry Isle Motor Yacht

Lobster yachts are custom built utilizing the versatile lobster boat hull, and can be seen today along the East Coast. This model is built using interlocking, self-aligning frames and decks. The hull is built from only four machined and sanded parts. The stuffing box (included with the kit) self-aligns in the keel. And best of all, there is no tedious planking; the hull is planked with balsa sheets.

A Complete Kit Featuring:
* Midwest Micro-Cut Quality Balsa & Hardwood parts
* Running hardware set including stainless steel prop shaft, brass stuffing tube, nylon propeller, and brass motor / shaft coupler
* All necessary steering linkages
* Lightweight fiberglass cloth for protecting the hull
* Display cradle

* Hull length: 30″
* Beam: 10″
* Scale: 3/4″ = 1′

Specially Designed for R/C Use and Featuring:
* Detachable cabin roof for easy access to radio compartment
* Large battery compartment with removable deck hatch for access

Other Items Needed for R/C Operation:
* Two channel radio on surface frequency
* 12 volt electric motor
* Speed control for electric motor
* 2 – 6 cell Ni-Cad 7.2 volt battery packs

RRP £184.99 – Super Bargain Price!!   £109.99 Including VAT at 17.5%

Cranberry Isle Motor Yacht


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